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Have an ironman race or an ultra-marathon coming up? As you probably know already, the right nutrition is crucial. During the race, your body will use stored fat as well as carbohydrates that you manage to take in. The amounts of fat and carbs that it uses vary depending on your intensity at the moment. You have enough fat stored in your body. What you have to worry about is consuming enough carbs. You can get the carbs from your drink, gels, energy bars, sandwiches, etc'. But do you know how much of each would be sufficient? (More information)

Manipulate the information below to analyze your energy requirements and plan your nutrition for your next race.

Please specify your weight: 
Choose one of these methods to estimate stored glycogen:
By estimation
Between 1600-2400 calories(2400 if you are an elite athlete)
By fitness level
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By known body
fat percentage
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Enter the calories in the stuff you are planning to consume:
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Activity Bottles Gels Energy
Sandwiches Avg. calories
per hour
End balance
The effort requires: 4694 calories
Estimated stored glycogen: 2000 calories
Energy intake (food and drinks): 2035 calories
Summary: You would have a deficit of 659 calories of carbohydrates.